friends, what ever you do, you MUST try this at least once! for me, this is a Romanian traditional dish even if in the Middle East countries you can find something similar – the taste is not the same and neither is the preparation. but enough about that, here is the trick to make a delicious egg plant salad:

grill over open fire!

I recently learned this trick from my aunt and uncle in Telega, Romania. I always thought their egg plant salad always tasted somehow different, better…definitely better! and then I found out that the egg plants have to be grilled (charred actually) over open fire. the sooner the skin becomes crispy black, the better. if you let the egg plant to grill for too long it will eventually bake, which is not bad, but it is not what we want for this recipe.

the bigger the egg plants the better

grill them over open fire until the skin is literally charred. turn the egg plants from one side to another until all sides are crispy black, ensuring you have good powerful fire and flames under them. once ready let the egg plants rest together in a bowl for an hour or so to cool down. now, you need to clean them and that is a “dirty” process, but I am sure you’ll do just great: you have to remove all the skin until the egg plants are completely clean.

 keep adding small pieces of wood to keep the flames and flavors up


Make a simple egg and oil mayonnaise or use one you can buy in the supermarket. separately, use a knife (preferably a wooden knife if you have one at home)  to chop down the cleaned egg plants until you get an uniform paste and add it to the mayonnaise. optionally, you can chop an onion into very small pieces (you can also try without onion or, on the contrary, with chopped garlic!)  and add it on top and mix everything very well! add salt to taste. ready!

the egg plant salad marries well with grilled bell peppers or fresh tomatoes…as an idea (and I learned this from the mother of a childhood friend) you can serve the egg plant salad stuffed into a few big tomatoes. clean the inside and re-fill it with the salad; and make sure you have good bread to spread this beautiful salad on – a real feast!


Ingredients – serves 4

4 big egg plants

mayonnaise from 1 egg (or 2 big spoons of super-market mayo)

medium size onion (optional)