who is Gicutzu? my friend’s grandma has the funny habit of naming animals based on the people’s name she bought them from. Gicu and Gicutzu were 2 pigs she had purchased Aug 2011. and as any decent pig they offered themselves to the yearly tradition know in Romania as Ignat.


pig slaughter is a tradition known in numerous European countries: Croatia, Serbia, Hungary (disznóvágás), the Czech Republic (zabijačka), Slovakia (zabíjačka), Greece, Italy (maialata), Moldova, Romania (tăiatul porcului, Ignat), Slovenia (koline), Portugal (matança), Spain (matanza), Ukraine and others.


needless to say, I love this tradition. sometimes with a light feeling of guilt towards the animal.

there is a full fledged step by step process and we follow it rigorously. it is well documented in our hearts and minds!

first I begin by driving about 1390 km back home to see family and also to participate in this much appreciated process. after the pig(s) are put to sleep, we start the preparation of several delicious dishes, such as sausages, special meat cuts, smoked ham and fat and last and certainly not least the smoked skin which we devour instantly next to a certainly healthy glass of fruit brandy!






with the spicy red meat we also stuff the pork filet and with the remainders of meat and organs we prepare the famous by now liver and blood sausages.
















an important exercise and critical for the quality and taste of the to be ham and fat is the salting process. this is traditionally managed by Mircea who is the expert in this domain.


this year I had the pleasure to salt the goodies under the strict supervision of all stakeholders 🙂

good mood, Christmas carols, friends and family are key ingredients to this tradition which opens the winter holiday season! Post which…in Jan…we all regain self consciousness and start going to the gym 3 times per week to loose the extra kg gained in the process. and I’d do it all over again!