it has been a while since I have first done this one! the 1.2 mega pixel pictures were actually taken more then a few years ago, back in the Ukrainian Carpathian mountains. it was very rustic and as you can see we built our own wooden spit and rotisserie. lamb is one of my favorite meats and as any open fire roasted red meat recipe has to go with the “red wine marinade” (see Sauces & Marinades section).

a nice cleaned whole 8-12 kilo lamb needs at least a day to soak in that beautiful red wine marinade – actually, the longer the better. And you will know when is the right time to take it out of it’s juicy bath – you’ll be mouth watering, wanting to just see it on the spit above burning coal! this always works for me.

now, here is the trick. if you are really hungry, you should let it cook in the oven for 40-60 min (with its marinade if possible) and then roast it on the spit. the problem however comes when your to be “master piece” is too big to fit the oven; and it can happen. in this case you have to burn it directly over open fire and prepare yourself for a long roasting session (count about 40 min per kilo)… which can be actually a very nice experience with a few friends around! and while turning the lamb on the spit (my first time was manual) make sure you have some good dry red wine at hand. not for the lamb, for you and your friends!

the first layer of thin baby lamb fat will burn and it is suppose to burn, so make no mistake nothing is wrong if it seems a bit black after 20 min. make sure you carve the meat 1-2 cm deep, enough for the heat to glide in and cook your meal evenly.

while turning on spit you can brush the remainders of your marinade all over the lamb to maintain the meat juicy and full of flavors! Make sure your brush reaches everywhere 🙂

it is difficult to say when the lamb is done as it depend at least on 2 factors: size of the animal and power of the fire. oh no! does this mean we have to constantly cut and taste the meat directly from the spit? well, I did 😛


Ingredients – serves 10+:

1 young lamb (6-12 kg depending on how many & hungry you are and how much space you have)

marinade – see red wine marinade for ingredients