when I hear “lamb chops” I  instantly grow an appetite! lamb meat is special and that is why it needs special attention and preparation. lamb meat needs to be extra fresh and always flavored correctly. red wine marinade is what it needs; however, compared to other recipes, the fresh lamb chops do not need to rest under marinade longer then an hour or two, tops. post which they jump directly onto a hot charcoal grill, turning and twisting from one side to the other every second minute or so. similar to any red meat,  it needs  to be cooked to perfection – and perfection is defined by taste, mine is medium rare. for that it needs to stay pink-red-ish inside. and here’s the trick:

on first flames you need to turn the chops more often (every 20-30 seconds) to build a surface (protection if you may) on both sides and ensure it preserves all those nice juices and flavors within.

one of  lamb’s best friend is the potato. a nice mashed potato recipe next to a red wine sweet and sour sauce can put the lamb chops in that perfect light we all appreciate such. if you have young potatoes boil them with skin until very soft in salty water. prepare a bowl with olive oil (I sometimes use white truffle olive oil – simply amazing), butter, add parmesan cheese and freshly chopped chive. add the hot drained potatoes with skin and mash everything with fork (or similar) until well mixed. salt and pepper to taste.

separately, let’s make a red wine sweet and sour sauce! I love it! in a small pot, we put the sugar over the hot stove to melt until caramelized, while stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. then add the wine (use some from the marinade, as it is already nicely spiced up) little by little to ensure it incorporates nicely with the the caramelized sugar; when the wine and sugar have well blended and the sauce takes a creamy texture, we squeeze in the lemon…heavenly! I need o stop writing this kind of stuff on an empty stomach…bon appetit!

Ingredients – serves 2

8 lamb chops

red wine marinade

1/2 kgs of young potatoes

a handful of parmesan cheese

100 g of butter

(truffle) olive oil


a tea cup of red wine

100 g sugar

half of a lemon

salt and pepper