probably the best chicken in the world ;). we were 4 and we were hungry. so 2 medium size chicken seemed very appropriate. I always envied the professional rotisseries until I figured that “I wanna do that too”. how? easy. simply stuff up the bottom of the chicken with a glass jar or bottle (depending on how big the chicken and oven are) and this will allow all parts and sides of the chicken to have full exposure to heat. it is recommended to put some water in the bottle or jar to maintain balance with a stronger base and protect the glass from heat. now imagine what happens if you add wine (red and white if possible) instead of waert! all those wine flavored vapors caressing the chicken from within! delicious.

before roasting the chicken, I slightly cut it all over with a sharp knife and massage a garlic based paste all over. the paste is mainly made out of crushed garlic, hot ketchup, sweet and sour sauce, butter, dry herbs “de province”, teriyaki sauce, red wine, honey, salt and pepper. you can either stir/mix all ingredients by hand or in a blender…the result is the same: outstandingly delicious.

once the 2 soldiers are impaled and wrapped in the beautiful garlic based pasta, they start the duet in the oven at 210 Celsius for about 40-50 min. it is important to keep an eye on them if the oven does not equally distribute the heat. you don’t want to burn them!

when it’s almost ready, I usually remove them from the bottle/jar, cut them in pieces and let them further (max 10 min) work on that tasty crust we all simply love!

now use your hands!

Ingredients – serves 4-5:

2 whole chickens

red and white wine

2 garlic heads (bulb)

5 tbs of ketchup (this is probably the only recipe I use ketchup for)

sweet and sour sauce

50 g of butter

2 tbs of dry herbs (“herbes de provinces”)

teriyaki sauce


salt and pepper