you know how sometimes you just feel like eating something, something else, special maybe…oh,oh! and easy to cook if possible! that’s what we had in mind we saw fresh sardines at the local sea food market. and since the weather was good, I used of course, the grill!

oh! do I love grilling or what?

so, we selected a dozen pieces – I knew that if I want to grill them, each piece has to be big enough not to break into small pieces while grilling. I like to clean my own fish, when bought fresh, but you can ask the person selling it to clean it for you. I know this recipe’s title says “a l”aioli” but in reality, there are 3 key ingredients I used to marinade the fish over night: garlic, fresh lemon juice and dry white wine. spread the squeezed or crashed garlic all over and inside each fish, then add the fresh lemon juice, the white wine, some sea salt and put it to rest over night.

leave it in the fridge over night for those special juices and flavors to work their magic

now here’s the thing about grilling fish: the grill’s heat has to be very strong and if the fish is fragile enough, like sardines are, use a aluminum plate for indirect grilling. if you do so, there are certain advantages such as the juice held by the aluminum plate will steam up into the meat of the fish while grilling it at the same time, wonderful!

it does not take long and only after 5-6  minutes on both sides the fish is ready. you can serve the sardines as main dish or next to freshly cut salad and/or soft vegetables; healthy stuff!


Ingredients – serves 4

a dozen of medium-big size sardines

a few cloves of garlic

fresh lemon juice from 2 lemons

1-2 glasses of dry white wine

sea salt

fresh mixed salad