oysters! I eat them once a week. and I have recently found out they are even healty! how about that? usually the stuff we like is bad for us. not oysters.

oysters are usually not the cheapest thing around and the restaurant prices would drive me bankrupt if I were to eat in restaurants as many as I usually like to. I get them at the market (fish market, super market, you name it). I like all oysters and the only thing I check is the smell and the packaging date – I don’t buy them if they are older then 3 days or if they have a funny smell. I also read oysters should be eaten before 6-7 days from harvest date.

Have you opened an oyster? before I learned how to open them at home (outside the professional environment of a seasoned sea food restaurant), I pinched my hand and fingers a few times. until I finally got it – I learned how to open them; at least it works for me: hold the oyster flat(er) side up with the pointed side towards you. try to squeeze in your knife (preferably oyster knife, though it works with others knives as well) at about 2-3 o’clock oyster wise (this is the part closest to the oyster’s main inner muscle which keeps it rock solid closed). twist the knife left & right until you’re in and then move it side ways until you reach the muscle – once you cut it, the oyster opens beautifully by it self; magical.

I like my oysters in all shapes and size, raw, cooked and with any sauce. still, one way appeals to me more then the others. I make a sauce with finely chopped shallot, sea salt (not too much, depending on oyster type, as they may already be salty), black pepper, teriyaki marinade, fish sauce, balsamic vinegar, lime and lemon. A bit of everything (tea spoon portions) and not too much because I only use a few drops per oyster.

I use toasted bread and sea salt butter next to each and every one of them! bubbles or dry white wine work wonders washing down all those special tastes for a mouth full of memories! I recently discovered the Sylvaner dry white wine from Alsace, which marries beautifully with any type of oyster! bon appetit 😛


Ingredients – serves 4:

2 dozen oysters

2 shallots

1 lime

1 lemon

teriyaki marinade, fish sauce, balsamic vinegar and pepper

a good bottle of dry wine or bubbles (aka Champagne according to Tania)