we really wanted that grilled rabbit. we spoke about it half a year. and when we reached the sea, we said: that’s it. we’re gonna grill it now and we did it on the beach! whooha

rabbit is already royalty food and grilling it is so much fun, especially on the beach. with some friends – not too many unless you plan to grill several rabbits  – and few drinks.

this recipe is one of the easiest, I tell you. you can get the rabbit in the local supermarket or at the butcher. in all cases the meat is already cleaned, in 1 piece or already portioned. take the meat and put to rest in yet again the well known by now red wine marinade which works it’s wonders with any cut of red meat. personally, I cannot think of a better way to praise the rabbit meat and its flavors then letting it spend the night in all those mind blowing spices soaked in dry red wine; remember to put it in the fridge if the outside is too warm; that’s what we did, because there were 35° C…at night!

the next day, first thing in the morning you have go and smell it. seriously? smells better than Dior’s Fahrenheit. and that is pretty much the recipe; now you have to make the fire and any grill will do. as proof, ours, was locally engineered between the stones and pebbles of the Krk Island, Croatia.

if you want to have fun and are an amateur of baked red onion, feel free to forget a few between the burning coals for 20 min or so. a well marinated rabbit takes about 30 min to grill making sure that we bless the meat with constant splashes of the marinade.

never throw away the marinade – save it! you can either use to sprinkle it over the roasting meat or even to bathe the already grilled pieces into it before serving…finger-licking stuff, or what?

Ingredients – serves 2 (hungry friends):

1 medium size rabbit – 2-3 kg

red wine marinade

a nice grill and good mood!

and optional…a sea-side vacation and an excellent carry on grill